The secure Cloud Computing solution.

Web Hosting

Power your website with our reliable Cloud Hosting services. Enjoy fast, secure, and scalable web hosting solutions backed by our robust infrastructure. Benefit from lightning-fast page loads for all your projects.


Store your data in secure environments on a monitored global network. Take advantage of a redundant and sustainable infrastructure ensuring accessibility at any time to your data in the Cloud.


Ensure uninterrupted uptime with our comprehensive monitoring solutions. Real-time monitoring and uptime tracking for all your online services. Stay informed of downtime incidents and receive instant notifications for quick resolution.


Run applications in the cloud using secure and isolated execution environments. The allocated resources allow you to run NodeJS, Python applications, with performance that meets your needs.

Bucket Storage

Store your confidential data in secure and easy-to-use digital environments without interruptions. Data storage has never been more of a priority than it is today.


Deploy your services using redundant databases allowing you to store high-value confidential data in secure infrastructures.

Game Server

Deploy your game servers using high-performance servers hosted in regions close to your players, while ensuring the security of your data.

Cloud Manager

Administer your services & projects using powerful tools that meet your needs and your services.